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Williams Reloaded

New boss. New tech. New hope.

With new technical direction, a scorching driver line-up and a morale boosting win, the future's bright for Sir Frank's team.

An illustrious team battered by recent trials, Williams have endured a desperate run of form for several seasons. But 2012 brought new leadership, new technical direction and a breakthrough win. And with a smokin’ driver line-up, things look even better.

'everyone loves a winner'

Whoever coined the phrase ‘everyone loves a winner’ obviously didn’t work in F1. Winners are applauded, fêted even, but love tends to be conditional: some winners are loved more than others. At the Circuit de Catalunya on 13 May, when Pastor Maldonado scampered over the line ahead of Fernando Alonso, he did so to a collective sigh of despond from the largely partisan crowd. But on the other side of the catch fence it was a different story. You wouldn’t call it love, but certainly there was an outbreak of the feel-good factor in the paddock. It’s always nice when a driver takes that maiden victory, but the spontaneous outburst of contentment seemed more to do with Williams getting back to winning ways. Suddenly, Formula 1 was the right way up again.


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