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Webber: Why I Quit F1

Without doubt one of the most popular drivers in the F1 paddock, Mark Webber has been hugely missed since leaving the sport at the end of 2013. In this world-exclusive interview, he tells old friend Peter Windsor why leading Porsche's sportscar programme was too good an opportunity to miss.

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"I've been on the edge with Formula 1, I think, motivation-wise, for the past couple of years now. You have to be driven. You turn yourself around each winter and the fire in the belly is not quite what it was when you were 24. It's inevitable. It happens, unfortunately. You never imagine it can happen, but it does. And I can tell you this: if I had won the championship in 2010 I would have retired there and then."

He didn't win though, and thus spent three more seasons battling Sebastian Vettel before this, the opportunity to head up the FIA World Endurance programme for Porsche, a brand close to his heart - whose cars he chooses to drive - and do something new, something good.


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