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Murray Walker At 90

Murray Walker - the legendary voice of F1 and motorsport - turned 90-years-old in October 2013, and is still remembered fondly for his moments of magic in front of the microphone.

On 10 October 1923 a legend was born. Ninety years on, the great and the good of Formula 1 recount their most special memories of the inimitable Murray Walker.

Nigel Mansell - 1992 world champion

"There have been so many funny moments involving Murray - I'm privileged to be able to call him a friend. Once we did the most fantastic half-hour interview in Rio and, at the end, he said: "I think that's one of the best interviews I've done in a long time!' He was so pleased.

"About an hour later he came back and said 'You're never going to believe me, but we never had the microphone switched on...'

"When I won the championship, we did another great interview, but he introduced me twice as a mass murderer. He just couldn't get my name right. I said: 'Murray, what are you doing? It's Mansell not Manson!"


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